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  • Imaginarium Photography & Design
  • Imaginarium Photography & Design
  • Imaginarium Photography & Design
  • Imaginarium Photography & Design


Imaginarium is located on the traditional lands of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation. We acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded and pay our respects to elders past, present and emerging.


Based in Fitzroy, Imaginarium provides photographic services for any business requirements plus a range of branding and creative design services and consultation.

Our unique and unorthodox approach to photography is built upon extensive experience in digital design, marketing and digital engagement strategy - allowing us to share our skills and provide you with images that not only look amazing, but enhance your business and brand online.  We love collaborating with businesses and people and exploring how our imagery can assist with:

  • Defining and articulating your brand - who you are, your values and why that's important. 

  • Business challenges - we look at what you're currently doing and provide insights on how your customers understand this, then provide insights that help you address this. A picture speaks a thousands words, meaning a planned, professional image has the potential to explain something that's hard to understand really quickly. 

  • Business goals - where are you going, and how do you plan to get there? We'll help ensure your photos reflect this and help support your success. 

Most of our photos are shot on location because the best way for us to understand your business is to come to you, however limited services are available at our Fitzroy studio. 

We'd love to hear from you and have a chat about how our services can support you and your business, please fill in the contact form and we'll call you back ASAP.


Alternately you can use the chat feature for an instant response if available (bottom left) 



I’m Andy, a trans-disciplinary designer, photographer, communications expert and brand stylist. I specialise in storytelling - by creating emotionally engaging digital content that creates seamless, holistic online experiences and leaves a lasting impressions.

Why did I create Imaginarium? In short, I do what I do because I believe design can help everyone live better, happier lives. My mission is to arm as many people as I can with the skills, tools and confidence they need to dream big and shape the future.

My passion is helping people tell their own stories through authentic, understandable and engaging interactions, where image, words, style and presentation are consistent and honest. This then fosters emotional engagement and connection with the audience viewing published content and the creators desire and intent.

They say a picture is worth 1000 words. As a photographer I create images that evoke powerful emotions, tell stories and leave a lasting impression; as a visual designer I ensure those 1000 words are the right words. By merging these different disciplines to produce radical approaches and outcomes, I help invent and make things that can change the world.


Imagine how you could change the world - and with my design and photography experience we’ll make it possible!