To mark International Women's Day, the United Nations (UN), along with UN Australia held a morning tea to thank their corporate donors for supporting their campaigns aimed at improving the global standard of living of women and reducing the gap in inequality.  More than a celebration of the achievements made, this event was an opportunity to highlight to their key supports how crucial they were to the success the UN achieves, it focused on the overwhelming work that still needs to be done to eliminate gender discrimination.  You can read my blog post here


Capturing images that included branding and/or individuals attending created content of value to corporate brands through goodwill and positive association with  the UN. 

Capturing powerful, authentic images that reflected a theme of empowerment were an additional way to add value, and through inclusion of diversity - particularly trans women and women of colour, meant communicating the value placed on inclusiveness both by the UN and International Women's Day. 

To learn more about UN Women's 2018 campaign click here.


Amnesty approached me to be their photographer documenting their involvement with the 40th anniversary Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras. 

The parade was only one part of the overall story. Some of the things we achieved working together:

  • Developed a core message to deliver - 'This Is Not The End'

  • United all volunteers behind the core message; outlining why it needed to be clear and consistent and considering. 

  • Defining the audience; parade attendees and social media audience. 

  • Define how content could be developed to create maximum impact over a sustained timeline - ultimately tie back to the overarching campaign for 2018 'BRAVE'. 

  • Documenting the parade night:
    - video of the parade
    - capturing stories: WHY the parade, amnesty and the message matter. Making it personal and relateable. 

  • Advising on social media rules of engagement for positive impact. 

  • Creating the following short media clip; we were float #169 in the parade and concerns people might not realise the importance of Amnesty's message, for many reasons. 

  • Providing content that clearly stated the connection between the parade and the work that Amnesty International carries out both here and overseas. 


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